Jindaoxia legend
Jindaoxia legend

Gap has a legendary golden sword, when night after midnight, glittering shine Canyon, Jindaoxia hence the name.

Yuan Dynasty, Huaying under a warrior - Kun, extraordinary valor of its people, a good straight, quite chivalrous demeanor. Early this person paid by mining logging for a living, often come and go in the deep forests among Huayinshan. Day, Zhang Kun into the mountains firewood, lost in a canyon. Positive full moon night, a full moon slowly rising, the dough gently moonlight spilled into the gorge. Kun is reveling in these circumstances, there is a deep gorge saw something shining in the moonlight issued under the golden glow. Kun arts high bold, Seeing visions, it is to explore what happens. Closer inspection, turned out to be a golden sword into the gorge wall rock. Kun with himself: today lost here, was originally destined with this knife. Came and drew his sword, do not want to budge embedded in the crevice was hit lightly golden sword drawn. Kun overjoyed: providential golden sword, is determined to any on me too! After dawn, Kun virtue knife through the clutter, and finally to the gorge.

Since then, Zhang Kun ambitious, diligent reading poetry and literature, and worked hard martial arts. A time when the Yuan Dynasty, chaos, Kun join a Bandit organization, specifically dry robbery, banditry acts. Kun is deeply unhappy, often revealed in speech among the five covet Kun Chu Sampras carried by golden sword, he tried to take the opportunity to be the removal of the golden sword for himself, not Sampras and confidants as good as others, against being killed Kun, Kun Chung Minions will push for the leader. Kun led the congregation from brigands turn over, Robin Hood, in Huaying area GALACTIC side.

Summer time when construction in Chongqing Ming Yuzhen anti yuan, Xiawang Ming Yuzhen long Muzhang Kuns DANCER, they will be granted to the Commandery of the title aspirations are not accounted for under the chips Kun strokes. Kun wise and brave, coupled Chuimao broken hair golden sword in hand is even more powerful in the war on Yamaha Yang knife, invincible, set hehe exploits, soon to become the next number one Reggie Xiawang war was Xiawang given with alias "Zhang golden sword." At that time, the beginning of summer country stand, Yuan will A heavily on that red Tuen Fu Chau, Chongqing eyeing Xiawang to change this passive situation, then pre-emptive, due east, the determination of a battle to decide their fate. Armies in this city of Fuling rushes into a stalemate, only separated by a bridge stalemate, Xia Guojun team Lao Shi Yuan attack, stalemate course of time, gradually sagging morale, the situation can be dangerous Ji Ji, Xiawang Ming Yuzhen worry white head. Day, Zhang Kun riding high on the slope of observation of the enemy, the enemy camp among all see the horse has been on the saddle, about to launch Colts impact factor since the Mongolian cavalry go like the wind, sudden as the hills, scattered like autumn, when the impact gangbusters known world. Kun Seeing this critical situation, and immediately organized a three hundred warriors, all is head Tiekui, wearing Tongjia, holding mace fell on both sides of the bridge. I saw the Yuan army cavalry roaring three hundred warriors sudden gush, at the bridge, Meng Hui mace force hack horse leg, saw horse leg Xuerouhengfei bridge, cavalry falling by the wayside, neat horse array immediately thrown into chaos bridgehead trampling each other, pro-heap. Kun see the potential, pushed brigade troops took the opportunity to surprise attack, victory. A thorn gains enemy leaders, and homeopathic captured the Fu River Island. This war broke stabilized Xia territory, Zhang Kun feats, Ming Yuzhen take "Andhra warriors guard the four" meaning, sealing it as "Andhra warriors generals." Since then, "Zhang golden sword" - General Changs prowess famous at home, Zhang Kun hometown people took that year to commemorate General Chang Kun Depot canyon called the Jindaoxia.