Jindaoxia Overview
Jindaoxia Overview

Jindaoxia located in Beibei District, Chongqing northeast, south of the West Huaying Mountain, elevation 1,316 meters, seventy kilometers from Chongqing city center. Jindaoxia is a maintained the original ancient magic Canyon Natural Scenic Area, about hundreds of millions of years You He canyon landscape-based, supplemented by both karst pit never said a large number of geological potholes jasper beaded King.


Scenic Open daily: 8.00am to four p.m.

Scenic Spots: season (year March 1 to October 31): 100 yuan per person per ticket;  

Off-season (November 1 each year to the end of February): 60 yuan per person per ticket

Scenic hotline :023-68359433 (FAX) 023-68204917

Scenic Address: Town, Beibei District, Chongqing Jindaoxia small village on the 1st

Jindaoxia Chongqing Tourism Development Co., Ltd.


Jindaoxia majestic terrain to Gap with exposures to Lin Chien-show, with amazing rock with water were quiet. Jindaoxia about 10 km, of which nearly 7 km long plank. Was divided into two sections. Since the upper karst geological, ground cutting strong, golden sword like magic You He developed a unique canyon, stone walls, such as cut, two mountains together Ya, the vertical height of more than one hundred meters, there are vines hanging upside down, under the gurgling water; lower running water the role of erosion, there are many caves, Tam Tam linked layers waterfalls waterfalls, ancient stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars is wonderful, called the countrys longest gorge ten antique wooden plank road, people marvel, with stacks Probing the sentiment that bears on the nature of the landscape Reiki. Ten kilometers landscape to male, dangerous, extraordinary, secluded known, set waterfalls, springs, caves, gorge in one. The main attractions are Cry units, knives hole, hanging day waterfalls, Lions Head Gap, Sky, Shaxi lake, thousands of magic ancient rock, heart-shaped lake, more than forty attractions for tourists exploring, climbing and water recreation, is it summer vacation, outing, return to nature tourism nirvana. By tourists as "the dream of Shangri-La", "Chinas first insurance Gap."



Exploring the valley held annually - canyoning activities have become Jindaoxia most unique tourism brand. Canyoning is a new outdoor leisure activities, it is by the upstream to the downstream edge of the main body by a waterfall or sailing downhill jump rope down. Is a set of sports, tourism, leisure, sports in one of the popular activities. Canyoning meaning that streams into the canyon to experience nature, exercise courage, temper will meet the challenges and enjoy the stimulation, teamwork. But canyoning subject to certain geographical restrictions, requiring a certain gap height for river creek canyon, geographical environment is very important. Jindaoxia not only have such a natural geographical environment, with all the conditions canyoning, and beautiful scenery, changing many hands at the same time to accept the challenge, you can experience from different angles Jindaoxia stream valleys, cliffs, waterfalls.



Tour Jindaoxia divided into the four seasons, spring to find music, waterfalls rapids, moss wet slippery, odd dangerous apathy; summer travel summer, Valley Health cool, waterfalls hanging rinse, Xiao Ran matter, but what a pleasure; fall camp delightful, King with walking, quiet sultry rhyme, go with the flow; Dong inspirational, glacier snow, who dare to. 



Jindaoxia beautiful scenery along the way, on the road in Chongqing Easpring Brilliant hot springs and hot springs, a farming culture theme park - beautiful countryside Carnival, contemplation landscaped parks, lakes and other natural resources wins the day, as well as eastern Sichuan second "Hibiscus Town" reputation of partial rock town, Song Ping temple tower temple, mouth Qing Beach Piety arch and other human resources.



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